Welcome to the home of the Catherine Wheel Cover Compilation, Too Much Is Not Enough. Our site has recently undergone a facelift and a move to WordPress, but all of the mp3s from the project are here for your downloading pleasure. Please click on the posts for each album to download songs that have been covered from that album.

If you’re new to the site, click here for more info on the CWCC. Click here to submit an mp3.

More updates are still to come: we haven’t yet uploaded all of the CWCC album art to the site, and we’re working on giving you the opportunity to stream each track from the site. More soon!

“When I heard about this project I really struggled to believe that it was not some kind of joke on us – that our music made enough impact on fellow musicians who were obviously going through everything we went through as a band blows me away so much as to make the results far less important. Whatever interpretation a band has made on any of our songs is unique and unfaultable, it’s like personal interpretations of lyrics, they’re always perfect.”

Rob Dickinson

NOTE: We are not affiliated with the recent compilation “Strange Fruits” by The Blog That Celebrates Itself. But we’re glad they did the project and really love many of the covers. Go listen!

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