For those who are interested in covering a Catherine Wheel song, we’re happy to provide guitar tabs. These are mostly old-school tabs in .txt format.

If you’d like to submit some tabs, please email them to Thanks! We’ll make sure to credit you.


Texture (Marcel Levi)
I Want to Touch You (Marcel Levi)
I Want to Touch You (Chris Griffith)
Black Metallic (Marcel Levi)
Indigo Is Blue (Marcel Levi)
She’s My Friend (Marcel Levi)
Flower to Hide (Jeff Ward, Marcel Levi)
Tumbledown (Marcel Levi)
Bill and Ben (Marcel Levi)
Salt (Marcel Levi)
(see also Sam Knight’s page of Ferment tabs at Ultimate Guitar)


Kill Rhythm (Marcel Levi)
I Confess (Marcel Levi)
Crank (Marcel Levi)
Crank (unknown)
Broken Head (Marcel Levi)
Broken Head (Jorge Avila)
Pain (Marcel Levi)
Pain (Jorge Avila)
The Nude (Marcel Levi)
Ursa Major Space Station (Chris Thacker)
Half Life (Marcel Levi)
Show Me Mary (Marcel Levi)

Happy Days

God Inside My Head (Marcel Levi)
Waydown (Marcel Levi)
Waydown (unknown)
Little Muscle (Marcel Levi)
Heal (Marcel Levi)
Receive (Marcel Levi)
Eat My Dust You Insensitive Fuck (Marcel Levi)
Shocking (Tom Owen, Marcel Levi)
Love Tips Up (Marcel Levi)
Judy Staring at the Sun (Marcel Levi)
Hole (Marcel Levi)
Fizzy Love (Mor Adivi, Marcel Levi)
Kill My Soul (Marcel Levi)

Like Cats and Dogs

Mouthful of Air (Marcel Levi)
Car (Marcel Levi)
Girl Stand Still (Marcel Levi)
Harder Than I Am (Marcel Levi)
Something Strange (Marcel Levi)
Angelo Nero (Marcel Levi)

Adam and Eve

Future Boy (Marcel Levi)
Delicious (Marcel Levi)
Delicious (unknown)
Broken Nose (Chris Kushmider, Marcel Levi)
Broken Nose (Chris Griffiths)
Phantom of the American Mother (Marcel Levi)
Ma Solituda (Irena Pereira, Marcel Levi)
Satellite (Marcel Levi)
Thunderbird (Marcel Levi)
Here Comes the Fat Controller
Goodbye (Marcel Levi, Silverio Domicieli)
For Dreaming (Marcel Levi)
(Outro) (Marcel Levi)


Idle Life (unknown)
Mad Dog (unknown)


Capacity to Change (unknown)
Collideoscopic (unknown)
Intravenous (unknown)
Lucifer (Marcel Levi)
Paranoia (Marcel Levi)


  1. Dävryl
    April 21

    Thanks for this site…….This has made my life better again

    • mark.g.
      May 27

      mine too!

      brilliant website .x

  2. July 16

    As a longtime fan, it is so nice to have a place that is still on the internet for people like us to go and celebrate Catherine Wheel’s music. It is also incredibly awesome to find a place that still has a pretty full collection of tabs as well! Thank you!

  3. David M.
    January 6

    Wow, thank you for making all of this available. Amazing. You guys rock.

  4. Ratatouille
    May 22

    I know a great number of the songs, not listed, on numerous instruments (Shallow, Ferment, Come Back Again, Pleasure, Backwards Guitar, These Four Walls, High Heels, La la lala la, Lifeline, Strange Fruit, Fripp, Smother, Dead Girlfriend, Don’t Want To Know If You Are Lonely, That’s When I Reach For My Revolver, Glitter, Balloon, Tongue Twisted, Crawling Over Me, Let Me Down Again, and Painful Thing. I would love to tab them for this site if possible. I also know a few of the solos and leafy for some of the ones here, like Judy Staring At the Sun, Harder Than I Am, La la lala la, Mouth Full of Air, etc.

    • CWCC
      June 14

      Sorry for the late reply, Ratatouille. Please submit any tabs you’d like ( We’ll give you credit. Thank you!

    • Tay
      August 5

      If you submitted a tab for Strange Fruit me and a lot of other people would be very grateful.

  5. JCM2000
    October 17

    One of the greatest bands of all time, thanks so much for the tabs. Their songs sound so complicated, thank you for helping me realize they are actually kind of simple, and actually Can be played.

  6. Jason
    January 8

    my…heart…is…beating….i can’t believe it.

    There are others out there….like me

    Dare I click on “Broken Nose”….will i be disappointed, like a lost love?

    OK, sorry for the melodrama. THank you 1000x for the work and cost put into this site. I am not hopeless for a reunion, you know.


  7. Myke C.
    September 28

    Oh wow, thanks to all involved, All these pretty tabs for us to bust up!

    P.S. watch out for that, Davryl, who also left a comment, word is that he’s a saaaddd old git.

  8. Eddie
    March 30

    Brilliant site, thanks for arranging these tabs. I still love CW and Robs material. Cheers

  9. Julia G Schaumburg
    December 14

    Where is Fripp??

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