Please send in your CWCC submissions!

We can only accept covers of Catherine Wheel songs (we can’t do Rob Dickinson songs, 50ft Monster songs, songs covered by the Catherine Wheel, etc.). We’d love it if you covered a song that hasn’t been covered yet, but that’s not required. Your submission can be a straightforward cover, or it can be an unusual one.

Please send your file to Files can be any size, but try to use a common format (mp3, wav, flac, etc.) so we don’t have to go to extreme lengths to convert it. In the email, please indicate your name as well as the name of your band. 

There’s no deadline—we’ve been updating this site for more than 20 years and plan to keep it going for many more.

Songs that have not been covered yet:

  • Ferment: Ferment
  • Chrome: I Confess
  • Happy Days: God Inside My Head, Receive, Shocking, Love Tips Up, Kill My Soul
  • Like Cats and Dogs: Heal 2, Saccharine, Tongue Twisted, These Four Walls, High Heels, Angelo Nero
  • Adam and Eve: Delicious, Here Comes the Fat Controller, Outro
  • Wishville: Sparks are Gonna Fly, All of That
  • B-Sides: Capacity to Change, Come Back Again, Free of Mind, Let Me Down Again, Our Friend Joey, Painful Thing, Pleasure, Smother, Wish


  1. mark.g.
    May 27

    fantastic website re-design and content. keep this going–you are doing a great job.
    i submitted for the original site-1000 dark summers and am so glad to see it featured still. sent a few more tracks for you and will try and tackle some that havent been covered yet.

    thanks for the website

    mark g. / one thousand dark summers/ neverglade/

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