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My Cousin Bruce: Collideoscopic (5.49 MB)

The Heatheners: Crawling Over Me (5.73 MB)

Karanja: Dead Girlfriend (7.75 MB)

Return of the Sheep Man: Descending Babe (8.79 MB)

Polly Fonic: Glitter (6.63 MB)

Crank: Intravenous (4.01 MB)

The Stepford Five: Lucifer (5.08 MB)

raininginspace: Paranoia (6.87 MB)

The Wandering Minstrel: Spin (3.84 MB)

The Cow Exchange: Upside Down (4.46 MB)


This isn’t exactly a B-Side, but we think this is the best place to put it:
The Inanimate Carbon Rod: Rhapsody in You (Ferment/Chrome Medley)  (9.95 MB)

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