We have dedicated Too Much Is Not Enough: The Catherine Wheel Cover Compilation to Lisa Maree of Sydney, Australia, who passed away March 5, 2001. Although she spent many of her last days battling cancer, she remained one of the most fervent supporters of the CWCC. She had been planning to cover “Mad Dog” before her illness prevented her from doing so. This page is our small dedication to her.


Heather Parsons, post to Texture, March 2001:

I just wanted to say, in a public forum, that Lisa Maree was one of the bravest, strongest, and most incredible people I have ever had the pleasure of conversing with … She was funny (funnier than you might think—a lashing wit, shall we say?), candid, and she tried to protect some of the people she cared about most from her illness because she thought that was what would be best. While I didn’t necessarily agree with her decision, it was hers to make.

Lisa Maree was a survivor, and she never stopped fighting her illness … She won, because she never gave up. I will miss getting her clever wordplays in my inbox, and I thank her for introducing me to some great Australian bands, and I thank her for always having something wonderful to say, no matter what she was going through. I thank her for being my friend for the year I knew her. And I thank her for her last few emails, especially, because she did not have to tell me the things she did. More proof that she was made of the good stuff; “a fierce soul.”


Lisa Maree, post to Texture, July 2000:

It’s Monday evening here in Sydney and I’m feeling anxious. Off to hospital early tomorrow to start chemotherapy to try and curb the “Big C” for the second time. (6 months of chemo — 14 days on, 14 days off.) … So this will be my last post for a little while — YEAH, everyone says! OK, I know some of my posts have been long winded, so I’ll blame it on sleep deprivation and my medication, and not stupidity (LOL) “…Bye bye long day. I need to sleep so much. Nineteen hours straight. Too much is not enough…”

I’ve enjoyed being on [Texture] — it’s been fun … I couldn’t get through the day without listening to CW. :)

If anyone is seeing CW on my birthday, July 27th, then party extra hard for me—I’ll be wishing I was there. … Take care everyone and rest assured, I’ll post something incredibly idiotic the moment I get back home in a couple of weeks. =)


The Catherine Wheel, “Chrome,” 1993:

‘Cos if I had some time,
I’d use it this time
Escape to something beautiful
‘Cos underneath the steel and rust and oil and shit
There’s chrome, just shining chrome…



  1. Chris
    June 14

    Lovely. Gone too early. A compatriot.

  2. Anthony Denardo
    April 15

    So beautiful in so many ways. You are missed and I will definitely “party extra hard for me (you)” this July 27th & every one of ’em thereafter. Catherine Wheel are Legends & their music will Live forever even if we cannot. Bless all – Phantom_of_WDBK

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